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Quoting and contracting

Sofon enables you to set up your quotation and contracting process intelligently. You will have an orderly overview of the contents of the quote whenever you want, including how negotiations are proceeding and what your contracts say about agreements and obligations.

You can provide customers with 100% reliable quotes for every query and new query very quickly and still be consistent in every version of a quote. You can control how you allow discounts to be given and apply authorization and approval rules to speed up your quoting process. Your sales people will know how much freedom they have to negotiate and can’t promise anything they can’t deliver, so you won’t end up granting unnecessary discounts. You can also manage the quotes so that they boost what your business needs most at that time.

With all the insight provided by Sofon from the very first quote, you will be able to see what to expect in regard to buying and production. You will also be able to provide the best possible response. Regardless of how complicated current contracts are, managing the contracts, and changes to them, will not require a great deal of manpower. The information from the contracts will automatically be applied to record your turnover (“revenue recognition”). This will mean much less work for you and prevent any incorrect reports on turnover and all the potential consequences.

Sofon improves your quoting and contracting processes by making the following processes smarter:

Quote creation

You will be able to prepare 100% correct and reliable quotes at every stage of the negotiations, answering the customer’s question or solving the customer’s problem.

Quote management

Because you can always see what you are offering, you can make controlled changes to your offer during the quotation stage and you can manage quotes so that they are coordinated with your procurement and production departments.

Cost of goods sold

Insight into the underlying costs of your products and corresponding services enables you to guide your company’s efforts towards your company’s most important interests, whether it’s achieving the largest possible margins or keeping your production going at a steady pace.

Sales negotiation management

All decisions and their consequences can be reviewed at any time during negotiation procedures, which means that not only can you aim for the highest possible returns, but also that you can also avoid making any promises that you cannot keep and/or deals that might end up costing you a lot of money.

Discount/rebate management

You can control how discounts are granted, enabling your sales people to offer the right incentives to generate greater revenue.

Authorization and approval

Utilizing detailed authorization and approval rules means that you can run through the quoting procedures quickly while avoiding making customers angry or spending a great deal of money due to the fact that you are unable to keep your promises.

Contract creation

Without requiring any extra staff, you can always see your contract obligations and those of your customers, so you can make sure these obligations are met.

Revision and version management

All versions of your quotes will always be consistent and changes to those versions will always be translated to the effects that they have in all areas. As no mistakes can be made and no ill-considered promises given, you can avoid unfavorable deals, high costs for repairs and unhappy customers.

Contract (life-cycle) management

You can control the way you manage your contracts and any changes to them without requiring extra manpower; you can make adjustments to products and services and plan for your purchases and production capacity.

Revenue recognition

As soon as quotes are confirmed as contracts, all the details will automatically be translated into returns to be entered into the books. This not only cuts back on lots of sifting work, it also means that you won’t make any mistakes when entering your returns into the books, thus avoiding fines and other penalties.