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Picanol develops, manufactures and sells highly technical weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide. In addition to the complex machines, the weaving machine giant also offers clients additional products and services, such as training, upgrading kits, interchangeable parts and service contracts. Now that Sofon has been up and running for a few years, it has proved its ability to streamline Picanol’s quotation and contract generation process.


  • Head start on competitors
  • Being able to react more quickly to market demands
  • Elimination of mistakes in quotations and contracts
  • Shortening quotation and contract process from a week to a few hours
  • Technical staff in back office is free to work on more valuable or needed areas of the business
  • Back office efficiency improved by 20%
  • Costs down drastically
  • More autonomy for local sales organizations
  • Quotations in the language of the client
  • Generation of large range of documents including machine-specific manuals
  • Calculation of both net price proposals for the client and internal cost and results, are taken care of automatically (including calculation of commissions, installation, transport, interest and other financial costs)

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