Enterprise Product and Lifecycle Manager (EPAL)

Sofon Enterprise Product and Lifecycle Manager (EPAL)

Larger organisations often have a layered structure in which production takes place at multiple locations, there are multiple local sales organisations, and there can be both a direct and an indirect sales channel for each market. There are owners of product information at corporate level, market level, and for each sales channel. On market or channel level, there can be deviating products, product options, and prices.

EPAL has been developed to support these complex organizations. EPAL offers these companies a tool to manage all of this information in a central system by the various owners.

Characteristics of organizations for which EPAL is suitable

  • Multiple production locations
  • Central Marketing, multiple markets
  • Markets and channels with their own product characteristics
  • Various sales channels for each market
  • Central Product Management
  • Maintenance of worldwide product characteristics by factories
  • Maintenance of market- and channel specific product characteristics
  • Distribution of market- and channel specific catalogues
  • Product Version management
  • Use of existing master data
  • Multiple price lists and currencies
  • Various roles with their own rights
  • Variety of multi-language texts

Customers who benefit from the Sofon Enterprise Product and Lifecycle Manager (EPAL)