A working environment for the product specialist.

Sofon Studio

Sofon Studio is the working environment for the product specialist. In Sofon Studio, all relevant information for complete and error free, needs analysis, product configuration, calculation, visualization and document generation is maintained. This information is stored in a logical and transparent way, called Sofon models.

Limited IT knowledge required

One of Sofon Studio’s most important characteristics is that hardly any IT knowledge is needed to develop or maintain a Sofon model. A graphical user interface supports the production of a model, using wizards, selection lists, "Point & Click", "Drag & Drop" and "Copy & Paste". More complex activities such as definition of formulas or rules are supported by wizards.

Easy and fast modelling

Sofon Studio is easy to use, especially when the information that needs to be modelled or maintained is complex. Also, development and maintenance of models can take place very efficiently as testing can be done without compilation or other causes for time delay.

Customer language versus technical language

In every Sofon model, Sofon Studio makes a clear distinction between functional needs (in customer language) on the one hand and technical specifications (in technical language) on the other hand. This makes it possible to produce sales documents in the client’s language, while the technical product structure (consisting of specifications, bills of materials and routings) is available for production at the same time.


Sofon Studio provides an advanced version and release management, allowing the use of various model versions in parallel as well as easy testing and releasing of new or updated models.