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Solution Definition

configurations en smHowever important personal relationships, contract selection and marketing may be, an essential factor in ensuring a successful sales transaction is a complete, correctly specified and feasible product. Many products can be specified by specialists only and even then the specified solution may not be what the customer needs.

Translating needs into a complete product specification

A comprehensible questionnaire guides the user (sales office, sales representative, dealer, end user) through the process of translating needs into a complete product specification.

Powerful and easy to maintain configurator

In many respects, Sofon differs from the usual product configurators. Not only is Sofon an extraordinarily powerful configurator, it is also particularly easy for product specialists to maintain, without the need for in-depth IT knowledge. This means that it is possible for product rules, prices, texts and illustrations to be maintained directly by product specialists, without having to transfer knowledge back and forth from the product specialist to the IT department.

Quotation version management

Models or versions of all products follow on from one another in quick succession. With this in mind, Sofon offers version management, ensuring that information relating to successive models is stored. If a quotation has been produced on the basis of an old model and your customer asks for a new one, the old quotation can be checked against the new rules.

screenshot cd smFor certain products and solutions, however, it can be desirable to start with a conceptual sketch. This method of working enables the salesperson to devise a customer-specific solution more effectively and to discuss this solution with the customer before all of the details are determined. A drawing speaks a thousand words!

Added Value

There are many drawing tools on the market. Some of them, such as Microsoft Visio and particularly CAD systems, are too complex to be used by salespeople. Other drawing tools are easy to use, but are not integrated. The information, therefore, cannot automatically be used in the quotation, while other tools enable the user to work out good ideas, but do not check whether the idea leads to a feasible solution. Sofon Guided Concepts solves these problems. A salesperson can use Sofon Guided Concepts to easily prepare a conceptual sketch that will also be included in the quotation text. Moreover, this sketch serves as a guide for the next step in the process: configuring the selected products in the solution and preparing the quotation.

More complex concepts

If a concept is complex, for example due to the number of required components, the user can prepare a layered structure of multiple sketches. That way, the user can zoom in to a deeper layer to create a clear presentation of a solution. This structure can also be used in the quotation document.

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