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Solution Definition

The starting point for  a good quote is a description of the solution (“solution definition”) and Sofon gives you the tools to make this a smart process. It means that you can analyze your customers’ needs in a structured way and then apply that information to find suitable solutions and describe them in professional, convincing, and comprehensible quotes. In fact, you will be able to produce such quotes even when the customers have requirements they have formulated themselves so you don’t require a needs analysis. You can visualize your solutions without any problem and calculate their effects on the technical and financial aspects. You can also factor in a special request without interrupting a quote. Moreover, you can produce these quotes very quickly, because you have already set up a knowledge model and the smart questions on which you base the quotes in advance. It means that a quote can be generated in minutes or hours rather than days and weeks.

In addition, quotes are always composed in the ‘customer’s language’ so that the customer can understand it and judge whether the solution meets their needs.

With professional, convincing offers that cover every aspect, you can cancel out the risks arising from quotes for the customer, thereby increasing the customer’s confidence in you. You can also be sure of meeting the customer’s expectations, avoiding disruptions in production. “Solution definition” makes your quoting process repeatable and enables you to make your production process repeatable, as well.

Sofon improves your solution definition by making the following processes smarter:

Needs analysis

You will be able to make a structured inventory of the customer’s needs and apply that information to find a solution that is both 100% reliable and suitable – one that can be automatically translated to the product the plant is to manufacture.

Requirements management

You can quickly generate professional quotes containing 100% reliable solutions based on the requirements formulated by the customer and then translate that to specifications that the plant requires to manufacture the product.


You can factor in every solution offered in detail and rapidly calculate its effects on the technical and financial aspects to substantiate your quote in detail.

Solution design

You will find that you can create professional, convincing, and comprehensible quotes without a problem, providing the customer with an overall solution that is 100% reliable and meets all their needs and requirements.

Special request definition

You can make inventories of customers’ special requests, verify the assessments and include them in the quote without interrupting the quoting procedure or production.


You can quickly and easily provide visual support in your quotes by including two-dimensional or three-dimensional designs for each product option and sketches of the overall concept.