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Product management

Sofon software allows for smart product management. It enables you to quickly market innovations and take full advantage of your competitive advantage. Through your products, you can instantly respond to new needs, flawlessly translating customer requirements into production and creating flow in your production process.

The core of the Sofon solution is that you build knowledge models based on ‘concepts’ or small building blocks of knowledge. A building block may be a product option, for example, but also a price variable or a piece of text in product documentation.

Each concept consists of a description, its effect on the total (product, price or text) and the legal regulations (where/when is this allowed).

Once you have defined these building blocks, you can use them to compose every product, price and product documentation and do so quickly, specifically and reliably. Drawing from those knowledge models smartly covers innumerable variants and prevents time-consuming, error-sensitive, ad hoc processes.

Within product management, Sofon makes the following processes smart:

Configuration management

Based on the knowledge models you have built, every customer order is automatically translated into the necessary materials and instructions for production. This allows you to correctly and reliably assemble each customized product and create flow in the production process.

Variant management

By defining concepts, you have already prepared the configurations of the different product variations your customers want. This enables you to quickly respond to all inquiries and market developments.

Price and margin management

Sofon defines all the price variables in the form of concepts in advance. All you need to do is merge them per customer. This quickly generates a realistic, fair price with maximum margin, regardless of the situation. It is the shortest route to maximizing profits.

Portfolio management

If you configure, manage and offer your product variants through Sofon, they are automatically added to your portfolio. Managing this does not require any additional effort. A major advantage is that rapid product introductions become a possibility, thus prolonging the life cycle of your products.

Template management

By using textual concepts, offers and corresponding documentation are automatically rebuilt with each adjustment, whilst maintaining consistency. Your offers will always be fast and reliable, regardless of the number of versions.