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Sales Management

Sofon software enables smart sales management. And that can offer you numerous advantages. Your sales organization will operate at its best and most efficient, even in the most complex (international) situations, so you can get the most from your customer relations strategy. You can create more opportunities for sales, benefit as much as possible from those deals, and respond quickly to developments on the market. Sofon software makes it much, much easier to operate on international markets. You will be able to implement well-founded improvements to your operations and pave the way for more growth. Smart sales management will enable you to more easily draw up forecasts for future turnover and will enable you to plan your buying and production capacity. Sofon software enables you to make your production process repeatable, which means that you won’t face unnecessary costs or loss of capital and you can carefully consider the right course for your company.

Sofon improves your sales management processes by making the following processes smarter:

Lead management

You will have a real-time overview of sales opportunities at a very early stage, which you can evaluate and then check whether your sales people respond adequately.

Opportunity management

You will be able to maximize your sales opportunities and improve your prospects for actual turnover. You will also have a sound turnover forecast any time you want.

Sales funnel management

You can proactively decide on the right course to maximize sales opportunities and you can anticipate developments in the market. Your future turnover will be predictable and you can plan your buying and production capacity accordingly, enabling you to carefully steer your company along the right course.

Territory management

Even in complex, international sales situations, a well-coordinated sales organization will still be able to operate efficiently. You can avoid getting into problems with pricing policies for different countries and markets.

Activity management

Information intended for your central marketing department, your sales people, and your manufacturers will be consistent, which means that your product management will require less manpower and that you won’t end up supplying the wrong products, leaving you with high losses and unhappy customers.

Contact management

Your sales staff will always be well-informed and can therefore work efficiently. Your customers will find you to be an interested supplier that does not waste their time, all of which means that your customer relations will improve and your sales opportunities will increase.

Reseller enablement

You will find it easier to access international markets. Your resellers will be able to conduct business for you independently 24/7, so your resellers support will require less manpower, you will still keep your customers happy, and because you can avoid coordination issues with your resellers, you won’t face unnecessarily high expenses.

Groups and campaign management

You can send invitations and mailings and launch campaigns with maximum efficiency and effectiveness without it involving more effort for you.

Sales Reporting

You can produce sales reports very easily and from any angle you want without any extra effort, which will enable you to pick up on important signals, allowing you to continue to follow the right course for a maximum sales performance.

Lost Order Analysis

You will have access to all the details related to lost orders without needing to register anything extra. You can analyze that information so that you can carefully consider how to introduce improvements and achieve more growth.

Sales Forecasting

Making sales forecasts will be easy using all the details your sales staff register as part of their daily duties. This means that you will always have a good idea of your future turnover, enabling you to plan and prepare your buying, engineering, production, and installation optimally; you can also see whether you will be able to meet the delivery times and you can make your production processes repeatable.