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Sales Management

sales management
schema guided solutions smThe term Guided Solutions is used for a wide range of applications. These almost always relate to the customer-specific sales process and, in particular, to improving those processes associated with entering into agreements with your customers. Quotations, contracts and orders, as well as the conditions laid down in them, play a central role here.

No customization

The fact that Sofon Guided Solutions has been designed generically means that there is no need for additional customization and it can be used for widely different solutions that range from  generating  quotations to contract management. Here Sofon supports both the sales process and its content.

Standard software

Sofon Guided Solutions has been developed with the aim of enabling users themselves to set up and configure the software, without the need for additional customization: all Sofon users work with the same standard software. The system can, therefore, be implemented with minimal consultancy support. And, even after years of use, it remains possible to adapt the software at any time to ensure that it continues to support your ever-changing business requirements – without conversions, customization or lengthy consultancy.