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Cloud-based Sofon

Secure access to Sofon: anywhere, anytime.

Our CPQ software is available in the Cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Fast, inexpensive, always up-to-date and available 24/7 anywhere in the world. What’s more, system maintenance is now a thing of the past.

Via the Microsoft Azure platform, Sofon offers you a complete SaaS solution, enabling you to access both the application and the associated data through a secure Internet connection. With our Cloud-based solution, you always have the latest functionalities and the most recent updates with no more worries about infrastructure, installations or maintenance. And all that for an attractive price. 

With cloud-based Sofon:

  • You always work with our latest software, wherever you are. SaaS gives you access to your Sofon software anywhere: at the office, at home or on the road, on your laptop or tablet, day or night, or during the weekend. Essentially, you have the knowledge of all your company’s experts at your fingertips so that you can provide an immediate response to your customers’ needs. 
  • No concerns about software and hardware management. We manage the technical administration, security, back-ups and installation. Furthermore, all users are always automatically provided with the latest software updates.
  • Employees across the globe can collaborate more easily. With Microsoft Azure, data centres at locations near your users can be deployed, resulting in optimal performance for end users. 
  • Sensitive company data in Sofon is protected against ransomware and other malicious programs. Because company data is no longer stored ‘on site’ (such as on a company server), ransomware is no longer a threat to your company data. Additionally, the security of our Cloud software is fully guaranteed and you can access data through a secure Internet connection. 
  • The risk of an outage is minimal. The software and data is stored on multiple servers and in several data centers at various locations, as required. This not only minimises the risk of an outage, it also optimises performance. 
  • You get scalable, cloud-based software. This guarantees stable quality, regardless of the number of users. You only pay for what you actually use.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based Sofon uses the Microsoft Azure platform, which means that our software is fully certified by Microsoft. The security of this solution is totally guaranteed and you can access it through a secure Internet connection. 

Microsoft Azure also uses multiple data centers worldwide, so that branches at other global locations also benefit from a high-speed Cloud connection. There is always a data center nearby, so data never has to travel long distances and data transfer is fast. 

Security & privacy

Microsoft Azure sets high requirements for software and data security, both at the level of the infrastructure and application access and at the level of the application itself. 

Your company data in Cloud-based Sofon software is protected with Microsoft Azure in accordance with European law (GDPR). This is a comforting thought in times when we are constantly threatened by hackers and ransomware. 

Unique hybrid solution

Do you want to work with our software both online and offline? You can, because our software has a worldwide unique characteristic: it’s an entirely hybrid solution. You can work online and offline in a combination of ‘in the Cloud’ and ‘on site’. Our hybrid solution is ideal in case of a bad Internet connection and you need to be able to work offline.

Easy connection

A major advantage of SaaS is its connectivity. The ‘open’ connection in the Cloud enables easy contact with other systems and software. So your existing connections, like your CRM or ERP system, remain intact or are simplified. 

Our solution

A proven standard; a small number of prominent organisations have gone before you. Our robust SaaS solution is always state-of-the-art thanks to our in-house development expertise. We provide standard software that we continue to develop together with our customers. You benefit from the requests and feedback of all our customers. 

Sofon cloud-based is available for the following products: