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Order management

Sofon enables you to automatically load clean orders, augmented with scheduling information, into the ERP system, which provides you with information for production forecasts. This means that you can get the best performance out of your ERP system, creating a high degree of replicability in your production process, thus allowing you to process large volumes without your margin seeping away due to unnecessary production disruptions. Your company will perform better and faster and you will have the room to optimise your production process, resulting in higher returns.

Sofon improves your ordering processes by making the following processes smarter:

Order Creation

Sofon facilitates automated order entry in the production process. Approved orders are automatically converted into order confirmations/contracts and loaded into the ERP system. All this means that whatever your sales people arrange with the customers, it will always match what goes into production one-to-one.

Production Preparation

You can augment orders with scheduling information – an interesting option if much of your work is project-based. The Planning department will then be relieved of most of the work and the risk of errors will shrink considerably.

Production Forecasting

Sofon supplies you with a wealth of information from outstanding quotes. That information will enable you to make timely forecasts required for purchasing materials and how many man hours and machines will be needed for the production. You will be able to carry suitable volumes of stock, which will be to your advantage, particularly if you use expensive, critical components. You can also phase customized components in and out without running out of stock or being left with unsaleable surpluses.