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The GEA Refrigeration Division manufactures refrigeration systems. These systems are put to use primarily in the food industry (breweries, slaughterhouses), during industrial processes, for sports and relaxation (ice skating rinks) and in air-conditioning systems. The division consists of various types of companies: 3 manufacturing companies, 30 sales offices and 10 contracting companies who produce refrigeration systems from all the components. The Refrigeration Division has purchased Sofon to bring together all the components produced in the division in one catalog. In this way, sales offices can, for example, produce complete quotations with incredible ease and effi ciency. Sofon has been live since February 2009 at GEA Grasso BV – one of the manufacturing companies within the division. Apart from that, GEA Grasso is involved in the worldwide roll-out of Sofon at the 30 sales offices.


  • All components produced within the division can be allocated to one catalog with which the sales offices can make complete quotations. In this way, staff needs to work with only one system, instead of working with different systems
  • Management of enormous variety of components
  • No need to worry about Sofon software
  • Improvement workflow, routings and build-up of bills of materials; from 13,000 lines in the bills of materials to 2,200
  • Bill of materials is built-up during the configuration
  • Material, capacity, parallel and sequential planning better applicable without manual work
  • Possibility of calculating machine times
  • Model building, maintenance, management and use, is userfriendly and arranged conveniently
  • Quotations improved markedly in terms of content and quality
  • Generation user-specific internal and external documents

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