Organizing sales made easy

Sofon Sales Organizer helps sales and sales management better control the sales process.

Sofon Sales Organizer

Sofon Sales Organizer improves a sales organization’s efficiency because time is no longer lost looking for information about accounts, contacts, activities or opportunities. Sofon Sales Organizer manages all prospect or client data as well as relevant sales data so that a complete picture is available of every sales activity and of all sales activities, markets, quotations and opportunities. Activities planned and executed can be recorded and made visible for analysis in various ways including inquiries and reports.

Team selling

Because information is easily shared, Sofon Sales Organizer enhances team selling. Summaries of discussions and relevant documents can be attached to organizations, contacts, opportunities and activities.

Client or prospect "touches"

Sofon Sales Organizer also makes it possible to organize all client or prospect "touches" via sales or marketing campaigns.

Seamless connection with Sofon Proposal Organizer

Sofon Sales Organizer seamlessly connects with Sofon Proposal Organizer so that quotations are related to organizations, contacts and opportunities. Quotation information can for example be used to produce pipeline and forecast reports. Quotation follow-up can also be easily scheduled, if required linked with the Microsoft Outlook agenda and tasks.


Sofon Sales Organizer also supports the management of installations (including competitive products used by clients or prospects), contracts, and service calls.

Document management

For the organization of documents, Sofon Sales Organizer offers rudimentary functionality for the management and release management of documents.

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