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FROM HARVEST TO PROCESSING The PETKUS Group is one of the world‘s largest suppliers of cereal and seed technologies. For over 160 years, PETKUS has been designing, producing and selling machines for the cleaning, drying, storage, harvesting and dressing of various crops – from grass seeds through wheat and maize to nuts. The product range includes deawners, rotary-drum cleaners, airscreen cleaners, gravity separators, indented cylinders, optical sorting equipment, treaters, dryers, silos and conveyor technology. PETKUS creates a bridge that extends from harvest and processing to seeds, food and forage. In contrast to pure machine manufacturers, the PETKUS Group supplies technologies as well as engineering (i.e. technological solutions for seed lines, complete turnkey treatment plants, port and inland silo facilities and mills). GLOBAL PLAYER RELIES ON REGIONAL TIES WORLDWIDE PETKUS is a global, mediumsized company with over 350 employees in 20 countries. As a global player, PETKUS attaches particular importance to regional relationships and ties. The aim is to provide a direct and personal contact person for customers in all the world‘s time zones. PETKUS has therefore connected a total of 23 sales, service and engineering centres to six regional hubs. More than 200,000 cleaning machines and more than 2,000 seed processing lines have been installed over the past 40 years. The company has averaged doubledigit growth throughout the past decade. Its beginnings go back to founder Christian Friedrich Röber, who began to build farm wagons, ploughs and cha ng machines in his blacksmith‘s workshop in 1852, but also manufactured grain sieves. Following the division of Germany, RÖBER GmbH became increasingly international in the West, while in Eastern Germany PETKUS was integrated into „Kombinat Fortschritt“. In 1994, it was decided to continue the tradition of the internationally successful company and build on the past, and RÖBER and PETKUS were re-united. The company headquarters remained in Wutha- Farnroda, Thuringia.

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