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Goudsmit Magnetics

Goudsmit Magnetics has 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing magnets and magnet systems for a wide range of applications. Goudsmit Magnetics’ products are exported to 80 countries all around the world. Goudsmit Magnetics has three divisions: separation, recycling, and handling & conveying. Goudsmit Magnetics utilized the engineer-to-order principle, in which production is only carried out on assignment from the customer. Although Goudsmit performed well using this philosophy, all of the changes had become unmanageable for production. The company therefore decided to increase standardization in its products. To support these efforts, the company went in search of a suitable sales support system, and ultimately decided on Sofon.


  • Uniform product information
  • All quotations made using Sofon
  • Quotations are made more quickly and are complete
  • Training times for new sales representatives have been shortened dramatically
  • Better relationship between engineering and sales
  • Better manufacturing process as a result of standardization
  • Time savings in the procurement department as a result of an improved quotation process
  • In the future: easier sales of products abroad via dealers

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