The term “quotation software” might make you think of an intelligent word processor – a kind of Word software that you can use to conveniently compile text blocks and in that way make an attractive quotation. That can indeed be a useful tool for some companies. But at Sofon, when we say quotation software, we mean a bit more. Quotation software must help make high-quality quotations quickly and easily.

What is a good quotation for the recipient?

A good quotation addresses the need of the recipient. Hence, that is not a summary of products, but rather an offer of a specific solution for a specific problem. That means that, in a good quotation, first and foremost the problem is described. After all there is a problem that requires solving! Next, the quotation describes the solution. And that must be done in such a manner that the recipient can see a solution to a problem in the quotation, and therefore a summary of products is not sufficient. Moreover, a good quotation of course also contains all of the necessary conditions under which delivery will be made.

What is a good quotation for the sender?

A good quotation offers a solution that will enable the sender to actually realize an acceptable margin. After all, you don’t want the solution offered to then be a problem for the person who must deliver the solution! The solution can present a problem, for example, because the solution cannot be produced as offered or cannot be delivered with the desired margin. Finally, including the conditions under which delivery can be made is also important for the supplier.

What is good quotation software?

Good quotation software supports the seller in making a good quotation for the recipient and the sender. This process consists of the following steps:
  • Determining the need;
  • Selecting and compiling the right solution;
  • Determining the right selling price;
  • Determining all of the conditions under which the solution can be delivered at the offered price;
  • Making a professional, complete, and correct quotation document;
  • Making a technical specification for internal use;
  • Issuing an internal analysis of the quotation, for example, for determining the risks and the room to negotiate.

Good quotation software enables “Guided Selling”. It serves as a guide for the sales rep during the above-mentioned steps so that the sales rep quickly and easily makes perfect quotations that will help him score. Do your sales reps still make quotations in Word and Excel? If so, then it’s time for real quotation software.