From 'cut and paste' to professionally composed, reliable quotes.

"Excel, Word, and the phone. These were the tools that our resellers used to made quotes. Cut and paste text, transcribe data, repeated calls with questions. Susceptible to errors and time-consuming for both sides. Absolutely not an ideal way of working if you want to expand your reseller network. In that case, you need a system that allows resellers to make quotes self-sufficiently, fast and error-free. Without misunderstandings, without extensive support, without continuous inspection during production. We found that system! You have to dedicate time to the implementation, and work with discipline. But then you can reap all of the benefits! We as a company can now grow thanks to Sofon and our resellers!"

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Nooteboom Trailers B.V. from Wijchen is a predominantly Europe-based designer and builder of trailers that provides solutions to customers with exceptional transport problems.

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