If you perform exceptionally well in your market with your products, the chance is good that you will outgrow your domestic market. You then want to cross the border. Have you already discovered what your major bottleneck is for doing that?

Lack of knowledge

There is a good chance that your sales channel is your largest bottleneck. And more specifically: the lack of knowledge in your sales channel. Every organization that sells customer-specific solutions (and thus non-standard products from stock) recognizes the problem: sales reps and dealers that operate from a great distance have too little knowledge and experience with your solutions to sell them successfully.

Good support

In a sense, you can compensate for this problem by providing sound support. But there are limits to this. You cannot be present locally for an indefinite time, because there are not enough skilled employees available. It also does not pay for you to have specialists flown in from the main office for every assignment.

Good documentation and training

So, how do you solve this problem? You can ensure that your foreign sales reps and dealers possess greater knowledge by means of good documentation and training. But this approach too involves major drawbacks. You are never finished training, for example, because the market and your solutions continually change.

Dealer Portal

Another solution is to ensure that your sales channel requires less ready knowledge. That avoids a great deal of training and necessity for local support from the main office. It also offers you the opportunity to expand the sales channel more quickly. In cooperation with various international Sofon users, we developed the Dealer Portal. The Dealer Portal offers a working environment on the Internet for dealers. In this working environment, they can generate complete and error-free quotations for your solutions, completely independently, based on the customer need that they identify and list.

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