Up till now in my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many interesting companies and industries, for which I am very grateful. Over the years, however, I’ve found that my sales and project management successes are increasingly driven by modern work processes and digital tools which, as an employee, I cannot always influence. For example, I more or less had to learn that companies can lose sales potential and jeopardise market share by taking wrong decisions and investing in processes late.

For that reason, I decided to join Sofon Germany GmbH in June 2018. Owner managed Sofon Deutschland GmbH has been a solid and reliable partner for 20 years, specialised in optimising and accelerating work and sales processes using digital tools. Consequently, I am now not only able to help companies reveal corresponding problems and potential areas of improvement, I can also offer several, more goal-oriented solutions at the same time.

Implementing sales software (CPQ) for the Sofon target groups of plant and machine builders enables these companies to simplify and accelerate the preparation of quotations in such a way that enormous resources are released for other tasks. Over the medium and long term, this released capacity will help them withstand international competition and generate further growth. Sofon is not particularly concerned about promoting the use of its own software. The customer, their individual circumstances and expectations for solutions are always key to the Sofon proposed solution. This is an approach with which I, as an employee, can fully identify.

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