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Smeva manufactures walk-in coolers and freezers, cold storage units and refrigeration systems. Their products are used in supermarkets to chill milk and pre-packed meat. Smeva also produces service counters and customer-specific counters for butchers. Their dealers are spread over the world and are the ones in contact with the end customers: supermarkets and specialized stores. Smeva’s dealers consult with them on plans for supermarkets so that they can make an appropriate offer. The dealers then take care of the actual installation.


  • All company knowledge is stored
  • It’s impossible to forget something during configuration
  • Training time new staff shortened; two months instead of one year
  • Error-free quotations can be completed within half an hour
  • Dealers can make their own calculations and quotations
  • Ability to plan activities for field organization, manage appointments for dealers and take over tasks when an employee is on vacation

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