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Scheider Electric

Scheider Electric is a global specialist in energy management, with branches in more than one hundred countries. They offer integrated solutions for energy production that is safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, for multiple market sectors. Schneider Electric has leading positions in energy & infrastructure, industrial processes, automation of buildings and data & network centers. They also have a broad presence in housing construction applications. In 2010, more than 110,000 staff achieved a revenue of more than 19.6 billion euro. With their motto ‘make the most of your energy’, Schneider Electric helps private citizens and companies get the most out of their energy. Now Sofon helps Schneider Electric get the best out of their sales process.


  • Complexity in construction supply handled
  • 95% of quotations can be produced with Sofon
  • (Revised) quotations error-free and produced quickly with user-friendly system
  • Possibility of generating bills of materials; list of all articles totalized per product group or a detailed list per drawing
  • Information no longer in people’s heads, but in Sofon
  • Automatic testing of data entered and combinations made
  • More time and attention for customer
  • No consultancy needed for extra wishes and extensions

Success Stories - made by Sofon

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