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Nassau Indus Deur

Nassau Indus Deur is the result of a merger of two companies: Nassau Deur and Indus Deur. Both companies were active in the area of doors for the industrial market since the seventies. In 2000 Nassau decided to pool their strengths. As part of Nassau Door, Nassau Indus Deur are one of the biggest door manufacturers in Europe. The doors are made at the Danish branch. The other branches concentrate on sales and servicing (placement, maintenance) of industrial doors.


  • Quotations and orders are produced faster and with less effort
  • Quotations and contract are complete, clear, uniform and error-free
  • Fewer people involved in quotation process
  • Offered products can always be realized
    • Service contracts are automatically generated
    • Quotation portfolio mapped-out; improves monitoring and management
    • Harmonization of the organization and approach to sales and service in Belgium and the Netherlands
    • Fewer sales reps now offer quotations with higher revenues
    • Training time new staff shortened
    • Product knowledge is documented
    • More transparency

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