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Montis designs and manufactures high-quality designer furniture – generally seating furniture. Leading designers and innovative production methods guarantee an “honest and efficient industrial product.” To be able to handle the extensive range of designer furniture, Montis utilizes an international sales network to both companies and consumers. For years now, Montis has focused on the upper segment of the design market as the targeted purchasers do not buy standard furniture. They put together their ‘own’ design furniture in a customer-specific manner. They do not choose a standard chair, but rather a chair by that designer, with those legs and seat, and upholstered in that color leather/fabric. The number of options is extensive, which in turn makes order processing very complex. To streamline that process, Montis implemented Sofon’s advanced sales configurator.


  • Entry of new products more flexible and faster
  • Order processing more transparent and more customer friendly
  • Shorter training time
  • Greater user friendliness
  • Order processing more accurate
  • Order handling more accurate

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