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GEA Goedhart

GEA Goedhart has been manufacturing heat exchangers – such as air coolers and aircooled condensers – since 1933 for (semi)industrial and commercial applications. Manufacturing takes place in both the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic. Since 2003 Sofon is utilized for product configuration and quotation generation at GEA Goedhart. The whole GEA division is using the Sofon model after Goedhart became part of the GEA Group in 2006.


  • Specialist knowledge is now easily available to all sales staff
  • The quality and precision of quotations has improved greatly
  • The number of faulty project forms has been reduced from 60% to almost 0%
  • The reliability and maintenance of software used is guaranteed
  • Quotation and sales process under control
  • Complete insight into forecast
  • Whole GEA division can offer GEA Goedhart products
  • Training time shortened

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