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Fri-Jado B.V. is active in the food retail and food service markets in the areas of refrigeration, electronics, store computerization and safety. As an all round installation and service company and systems integrator, Fri-Jado operates mainly in the Dutch market. They also export to more than seventy countries. Fri-Jado operates in the market via their own branches in the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore and the United States. They have a global network of local distributors and service companies. Fri-Jado has been using Sofon Guided Selling successfully for many years as a sales, product and project configurator.


  • Knowledge is secured. This has three advantages:
    - No more errors in quotations and production
    - Drastically shortened training time new staff: from half a year to a few weeks
    - No misunderstandings between those who produce quotations and the planning department because of orders with unclear information
  • No losses on orders because of inaccurate price indications. As a result of precise calculations, margins are always guaranteed
  • Drastically shortened quotation cycle time
  • Improved cooperation between the various people involved in the sales process

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