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Award-winning business ESSERTEC develops and produces domelights, flat-roof windows, daylight spots, continuous roof lights, smoke and heat extraction systems, blinds and roof gullies. From its sales and production site in Neuss (Germany), the company supports its customers in the design, planning, implementation and refurbishment of various flat roof properties. Thanks to innovations with an appealing design and a high level of functionality, ESSERTEC aims to attract customers from the specialist trade as well as roofers, architects, planners, steel and hall constructors and general contractors. ESSERTEC innovations have won several awards for their design in the past, including the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award and the BAKA Award for Production Innovation Practice Old Building. A success story The success story of ESSERTEC started in 1955. Specializing in wood processing and selling domelights, the Esser and Helpenstein families jointly operated Klaus Esser GmbH. By 1960, the business had relocated to the newly built factory in Norf. Klaus Esser sold the wood processing division and started to implement his ideas at the new site, all relating to flat roofs. In 1980, Eternit AG purchased Klaus Esser KG and in 1999, the flat roof elements business unit of Eternit AG was spun off as an independent company called Eternit Flachdach GmbH, which is still the market leader in Germany to this day. In 2015, Etex sold its subsidiary Eternit Flachdach GmbH to the French Soprema Group. Eternit Flachdach became part of Adexsi, the parent company of the Soprema business unit for skylights and smoke extraction systems. Eternit Flachdach GmbH changed its name to ESSERTEC GmbH, linking the history of Klaus Esser with the current and future product philosophy. Today, ESSERTEC GmbH employs some 100 people.


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