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DG press

DG press started as a service provider in 2009 and is now a global player in high quality printing machines for the printing of, among other things, flexible packaging. At that time, DG press provided servicing and maintenance for about 1200 machines from the former Drent Goebel. The company started with 12 employees from Drent Goebel. In this way the specific expertise remained available for the owners of the printing machines. DG press was soon doing revisions and reconfigurations of existing machines, but the revisions and maintenance business is finite. In 2012, the decision was made to develop a new machine: the Thallo, in order to ensure the continuity and growth of DG press. The company quickly grew to 60 employees. At present, they build new printing machines with a value of 3 to 5 million Euro.


  • If you sell a 3-5 million euro product, then the quote must be drawn up for somewhere in that price range. It is our calling card.“
  • „By the manner in which we have put together the quote, customers can tell that we know what we are talking about.“
  • „The quote is reliable. Once the customer places the order, we know for sure that we will be able to deliver it as such.“
  • „The speed with which a quote is produced reflects the speed of our organization.“
  • „We issue about 100 quotes per year. Now we can make a slick 30-page quote with everything in it in about half an hour. It would otherwise take a day to make it.“
  • „The dependencies are properly included in the quote. They have been well researched beforehand and have been recorded in the system.“

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