I regularly receive quotations from companies that want to help Sofon improve its performance. These quotations are often a follow-up to a very good personal meeting. I expect to then receive a quotation that connects with that.

A brochure is not a quotation

To my exasperation, however, I often receive completely standard quotations in which only our company information and a few prices are filled in. But there is no feedback on what we had discussed. In fact, what I receive is just a brochure text with prices, which is a good reason for me not to buy.

A meeting report is also not a quotation

Some sales people try a bit harder and include a meeting report in their quotation. However, in many quotations the meeting report tends to get lost in the quotation: the relationship between the report and the rest of the quotation is unclear. What do the products being offered have to do with my problem? Another reason not to buy.

A good quotation includes a solution for my problem

If in a quotation a link is made between the discussion report (in which my needs are articulated) and the solution offered, then I begin to actually believe that the solution offered has actually been designed for me. The inclination to reach a positive decision begins to grow.

The best quotation is structured around a tangible result

Moreover, if a quotation also describes what tangible result the offered solution will deliver, then that is a reason to take a look at the price. If the investment is in the right proportion to the result then a quotation can soon lead to a positive decision.

Guided Selling translates needs into a solution with results

Guided Selling enables you to analyze needs and to translate these needs quickly, easily, and error-free into a suitable solution and a corresponding summary of the results to be expected. Our customers regularly hear from their customers that, since the Sofon implementation, it is more pleasant to do business with them. Sales representatives ask better questions and their quotations are complete and comprehensible. Those are the types of quotations that enable you to score. How good are your quotations?