A new year has begun. All of the meters are reset. Your revenue target has been determined. Are you willing to take on a significantly higher target than for 2020? Using Guided Selling software will make this less tense.

Reaching your revenue objectives in spite of opposition

Achieving your revenue objectives does indeed have everything to do with the tractability of the market. If the demand from your target market grows rapidly, then you can just rise with the tide. However, the chance is good that the companies in your target market, just as the majority of companies, are simply marking time. In that case, you must work to take away revenue from your competitor. How can Guided Selling software help you do that?

Offering the best solution

Sofon Guided Selling software enables you to better translate the needs of your customer into a solution. As a result the solution that you offer is better suited to the customer’s needs.

Offer the fastest quotation

The company with the fastest quotation has an advantage. A fast response usually says something about your interest in your customer’s question, your knowledge of the offered solution and your professionalism in the sales process. Sofon Guided Selling helps you to be the first to submit a quotation.

Make the most competitive offer

If you offer the best solution, are the first to submit a quotation and also offer the best price, the chance is then small that you will be passed over with the order. Sofon Guided Selling helps you to make competitive and correct quotations. An attractive price for the customer and a guaranteed margin for you.

How quickly will you respond?

The sooner you implement Sofon Guided Selling, the sooner you will reap the rewards. How quickly will you respond?

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