Guy Mutsaerts from Goudsmit talks about Sofon quotation software:

"The quotations in Sofon are extremely clear"

In search of good quotation software

"At Goudsmit we were looking for software to make quotations. I started Googling and was struck by the phrase 'the flawless quotation' in an article by Sofon. My director and I then met them and I immediately knew that this was what we’d been looking for." Guy Mutsearts is an expert in magnetic solutions and sales director at Goudsmit Magnetic Systems. He’s very enthusiastic about Sofon's sales automation: "We use Sofon's Proposal Organiser and their Sales Organiser. We see this combination as a great advantage because we’ve had bad experiences with linking software. We purchased Sofon software because of their 'guided selling'; we also adopted the CRM. And it works well."

A clear form of quotation software

"Sofon offers many possibilities, but it's tough to streamline the whole process. We no longer have price lists, but you obviously have to be able to adapt quickly. Otherwise, it's difficult to drive Sales. That's the problem, although it's not related to Sofon.

"Is the support good? "I use the Help Desk support, which works well. I don't often need the rest, apart from the annual Customer Day. We always attend and enjoy it too."

"I've noticed that I often have to explain to users how to use it. If you don't work with Sofon on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget a lot of things. You regularly have to retrain colleagues because they’re not always achieving Sofon’s full potential. You need to do that often or stand there while they're working on it." And do you use it too? "I'm quite good at using the packages, both the Sales and the Proposal package. If you follow the model, it's all pretty clear. The filters work well, as does exporting data. Setting up a mailing is not always logical."

Ensuring a proper framework

"We’re now creating a link between Sofon and our ERP package: we export XML and pick it up again in ISAH. We want to use this to create a link between the quotation process and order handling, but it's a lot of work. The ERP contains the article archive with prices and recalculations, which is essential information for creating quotations. We should actually have this in Sofon."
"I've been working with Sofon for a long time, and we have quite a history with them. I've also given several lectures about our experiences with implementing the process.

What's important with Sofon is that you define the standards properly right at the start. If you do that well, the framework is right. You build up a model from your standard, but what is that standard? Once you know that, you can build on it further. But I can’t compare it to other systems.
Sofon is really a unique piece of software to me."

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