Guided Selling

Sofon Guided Selling

Welcome in the world of Guided selling

Already more than 20 years ago, Sofon brought Guided Selling to companies who needed a solution for their complex selling or  selling of complex products.

Guided Selling is what is says. It will help and guide your sales rep through the entire sales process. They can now focus on his customer’s needs. Guided Selling will support your sales to make all the right decisions. And we do mean ALL the right decisions.

Sofon Guided Selling

What is Guided selling?

Guided Selling allows organizations to create a set of questions that prompt sales reps to enter or select. Based on the answers, sales reps are “guided” to the most ideal and relevant customer offerings.

Guided selling is a popular feature on top of CPQ solutions because it streamlines the sales process by simplifying the product selection process. Based on business rules and logic, guided selling helps sales reps get up to speed quickly by selecting the right products and options and services for each customer.

Sofon Guided Selling

Why use Guided Selling now?

It goes without saying that the B2B landscape is going through a radical shift. The buying experience has changed during the Covid pandemic. It is likely buyers will try to bypass sales people and expect to do more business on-line.

It is something to think about. If (some of) your products or services can be offered in a Guided way, why wouldn’t you? Are you ready for that change?

Sofon Guided Selling

Keep focus on the best deal with Guided Selling

With Guided Selling in place the sales rep can keep focus on what he does best, listen, build trust, close the perfect deal.

The solution will help to finalize a complete proposal, no details will be missed. In the end a 100% flawless quote, contract or clean order will automatically be generated.

The sales rep has not to worry about any technical features, prices, rules and regulations, contractual T&C’s.

Sofon Guided Selling

Do it smarter with Guided Selling

You are here with a reason.

You are passionate about sales, and you want to improve your sales performance or see how you can do things smarter in sales. Whatever the challenges are you are facing in your industry, from oil, gas and chemicals to civil engineering, mechanical engineering, food and pharma, Guided Selling can help improving your sales successes.

Sofon Guided Selling

Who can use Guided Selling?

Executive / senior Sales reps:

Guided selling is a popular feature on top of CPQ solutions. It streamlines the sales process by simplifying the product selection process.

Over 80% of B2B decision makers think their Sales reps are unprepared and not familiar with their complete solution offerings. In fact, sales reps are often delayed because of complex product catalogues, quoting errors, and manual approval processes. As result, margins are impacted from revenue leakage, miscalculating in discounting and inconsistent pricing

Guided Selling will leverage AI Machine Learning to act as a virtual coaching staff for all sellers !

Sofon Guided Selling

Kick Start your Guided Selling with the Sofon Academy (New!)

Upgrade yourself at the Sofon Academy (NEW!)

Sometimes you need others to get ahead yourself. Are you ready to upgrade your knowledge on Guided Selling and get ahead of your competition? At Sofon you will find a group of enthusiastic specialists, with a shared passion for technology.

In a few days, bases on an actual sales case of your typical day-to-day business, you can build your proof of value.

When you want to join, let us know!

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