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VMG supplies balcony and gallery balustrades. The company is automated and robotized to a large extent. Thanks to this combination VMG is able to deliver custom solutions for the price of standard balustrades. Market leader VMG places the emphasis here on safety, quality and an eye for detail. With around 120 internal staff and 60 installers working in the field, each year work is carried out at 200 to 250 construction sites. This equates to around 1,700 quotations and 250 kilometers of balustrading. When it comes to producing so many quotations, quality plays an important role. Sofon provided a welcome solution to this problem.


  • Uniform, error-free, complete and clearly structured calculations and quotations
  • Standardized method of working
  • Reduced training period
  • Changes can be applied quickly now
  • Quotations can be easily recalculated when changes are made
  • Greater insight into quotations produced
  • Knowledge made available and maintainable in one place
  • User-friendly
  • Automatic compilation of bills of materials and passing on to ISAH: previously bills of materials were compiled manually. This easily took up half a day. Thanks to the Sofon interface this is now a moment’s work

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