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Shorten the market to cash cycle

Improved collaboration between all departments

Consistent approval process

Grip on margins

Grip on committed risks

Standardization in product portfolio, reduce stock

Reduce failure costs

Knowledge fully documented

Increase growth potential by reducing dependency on individuals with knowledge

Quotations created faster

Quotes are always complete

Possible to create quotations anywhere, anytime

Sales people can create quotations themselves

Dealers or customers can create quotations themselves quoting the right price offering only at appro

Quotations look professional and are complete

Trouble-free harmonisation of sales, production and engineering

Customer relations and sales cycles are clear and under control

Insight into the status of current quotations

Improved quality of customer interaction

Grip on quotation quality (solution definition, product specification, look & feel, texts)

Consistency: all employees offer same solution for the same problem

Grip on approval process

Insight in outstanding quotations

Insight in quotation statistics

Insight in pipeline and forecast

Short training time for new sales employees

Efficient communication within Sales team about contents of proposals

Quick approval process

Efficient communication within Sales team about contents of proposals2

No scarce experts knowledge required for translating customer requirements into best solution

Create clean orders with little effort

Change orders with automatic verification for validity

A simple tool to support daily sales follow up

Enables smart customization

Higher quality thanks to standardization

No more need to repetitively define customer specific product specs

No time needed to complete and correct sales orders

Efficient reuse of previously applied solutions

Creates time for product innovation

Quotations can be converted to orders with a minimum of effort

Products offered can always be delivered according to specification

Trouble-free harmonisation of sales, production and engineering2

Production preparation time will be shorter

Savings will increase due to a decrease in adjustments during production

Reduced time-to-market

Sales employees require less training

Product information can be maintained faster and easier

Trouble-free harmonization of sales, production and engineering

Product information stays up-to-date with no special IT knowledge required

Complete product(ion) specifications from sales

No impossible product(ion) specifications from sales

Reduction of production preparation time and effort

Higher efficiency and quality thanks to standardization

Lower stocks due to standardization of components

No disturbance during production because of changing customer requirements

No more repetition of production issues thanks to improvement loop

Quoting the right price

Offering only at approved discounts

Quick adjustments of pricing

Reduction of non-integrated tools (custom software, MS Excel)

Data safely stored instead of data in Word and Excel documents

Satisfied sales users with stable and full functional software

Single data source for master data in ERP/PDM

Easy to deploy and all knowledge distributed via data

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Faster approval process

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