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“If we make sure data is entered properly, Sofon does the rest”

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veenmanVeenman advises companies in various sectors on optimizing document-related operating processes. Their software solutions vary from digitizing files to invoice management. In the area of hardware solutions, think of MultiFunctional Printers (MFPs), faxes and (dedicated) scanners. Veenman is part of Xerox Europe, but has also been an HP preferred partner for years.

What was the situation like before Sofon?

veenman peopleGrauss: “Before Sofon, we worked solely with a calculation tool. This was an especially difficult program for new staff. And more experienced staff didn’t always know how the tool made a calculation.” Beijl: “And when the calculation was complete, we had to divert to Word to put together a quotation manually and then go to our CRM system to update customer data. These excursions to other systems cost time.”

What is the situation like with Sofon?

Beijl: “Thanks to Sofon, we no longer have to switch from one system to another. Based on a calculation, Sofon updates the CRM data, fills in the right fields in various documents and adds the right template. This takes place automatically and correctly.” Grauss: “With Sofon, we really have a complete system available that supports us in all sales-related operations; from keeping up all customer and prospect data to producing mailings, calculations and quotations. Thanks to Sofon, product and price information is correct and up-to-date. Gaining insight into calculations (and margins) has become a piece of cake. Even new staff can quickly work with the system. If we make sure data is entered properly, Sofon does the rest.”

Which advantages does Sofon offer?

Grauss: We can put together a forecast quite simply with Sofon. In this way, I can immediately see how various sales cycles are going. Because I can see the probabilities and the expected revenue amounts, I know which potential orders need more attention. I can also immediately see whether I will achieve my goals for this time period or will need to adjust them – and on which sub-goals I need to focus: new business, software, paper… These reports are also very handy for our management in directing our sales team.” Beijl: “And I also know exactly what Sales has agreed with customers. I need this information to produce a contract for a customer and to direct the purchasing department. Purchasing can work with the data from Sofon that we – still – enter manually into ERP.”

What will the future bring for Veenman and Sofon?

Beijl: “At the moment we’re working on an interface with the new ERP system Microsoft Navision. In time, we will be able to put data through automatically from Sofon to ERP. This will bring us time savings. We can then focus more on managing – instead of processing – orders. And that means: working more efficiently and realizing better and more accurate delivery times.”


  • A complete and user-friendly sales support system in use by 80 field sales staff and 25 office sales staff
  • Total front office solutions implemented: Sofon Sales Organizer (CRM) and Sofon Proposal Organizer
  • Simpler calculating and quoting
  • Improved insight into calculations and margins
  • Clearly and conveniently arranged history and management information
  • Complete insight into forecast
  • Simpler directing and monitoring

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