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“We can count on Sofon”

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smit draadSmit Draad manufactures and sells insulated copper sectional wire (enameled, glass fiber-wound, paper-covered) and continuously transposed cables. These high quality products are supplied to manufacturers around the globe, which make extremely large transformers, engines and generators. Their copper wire therefore represents an important and critical step in the production of capital goods. Every wire is different and is configured separately for each order. Keeping wire in stock is therefore not possible.

What does Smit Draad use Sofon for?

smit draad peopleFranken explains: “We have used Sofon since 2003 for order-entry and to produce quotations and calculations. These calculations take place automatically when we configure a product in Sofon. In this way, we quickly and simply gain insight into cost prices and whether a request is profitable or not. When a quotation becomes an order, generating an order is only a question of hitting a key. Sofon puts together the data to create bills of materials and routings and passes this information on to our ERP system.”

What was the situation before Sofon?

Franken continues: “Before Sofon was in use, we used our ERP system to take care of quotations. There was no check in our production system on whether a product was feasible, which made it possible for us to offer customers whatever we wanted. You could for example just put 1000 kg on a reel, even though this kind of reel can’t take that kind of weight. In Sofon, limits are clearly indicated and controlled. So now we can never promise something we can’t actually make. Previously, we would sometimes discover during production that an order was not feasible. Adjusting an order at this stage often costs extra time and money.”

What is the current situation like, with Sofon?

Prudon goes on: “Sofon does not only show us what limits we need to work within, Sofon also warns us when we go beyond them. For example, when we go through the product questionnaire, we receive a warning if we exceed available machine capacity or if product engineering needs to consult the quotation. With other configurators this was not previously possible. Also, we now save a lot of time because we prevent repeating work. We can now easily turn a quotation into an order and copy repeat orders.”

What has changed?

Prudon concludes: “It used to be necessary to check quotations, as manual work had to take place. If a cable order came in, we would calculate how many spools and reels were necessary and how these should be divided. A small typing error on a calculator can have large consequences, causing mistakes in production. These days we can always count on a quotation or calculation being correct. We can count on Sofon.”


  • Insight into cost prices and whether a request is profitable or not
  • Automatic generation of quotations, bills of materials and routings
  • Prevention of mistakes in quotations, orders and production
  • Time and money is saved since orders no longer need to be adjusted
  • Prevention of repeating work
  • Quotations no longer need to be checked
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