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Territory management

Your situation

Coordination in your Sales department is a recurrent problem. Your Sales Management can’t get a good grip on it. You have already looked into several cases in which promising leads and opportunities were lost. In some cases, sales staff neglected to follow up on them. But it has also happened that several sales people were working on the same opportunities. Potential customers were even contacted and offered different things – your sales staff were competing with each other with discounts and that only emerged later. It did not really do anything for your company’s professional, reliable reputation. Most prospects decided to try their luck elsewhere. In one or two cases, it did eventually lead to a deal. But then Sales still missed the chance of capitalizing on the most lucrative offers. In two situations, that lack of coordination actually meant you lost a considerable degree of your margin. The sales staff turned out to have been negotiating with potential customers without any knowledge of your culture-related pricing policy. Well, you gave them hell for that! But the real problem is that could happen again at any time.

The solution

Sofon is designed to be the perfect support for companies whose operations involve complicated, international sales situations – situations in which sales are conducted from various locations, both by your own Sales department and through partners and resellers. In Sofon, it’s easy to register all your sales channels in an orderly fashion and assign leads and opportunities to sales staff within those channels. This means that your entire sales organization can operate efficiently and will be properly coordinated, no matter how complex the situation.

Another important aspect of good registration is that you won’t run into trouble with respect to your pricing policies. If you do business in other countries, you will probably follow different pricing policies according to the different costs and cultural aspects. Things can go haywire if the “wrong” sales staff work on those leads or opportunities. After all, it might be quite natural to negotiate about the price offered in one country, while in another country, that price might be regarded as the final offer. Any mistakes here could cost you a lot of money.

And customers who have a better understanding of your pricing policy due to rivalries among your sales staff will use this to their advantage to make better deals, costing you your margin. Sofon’s smart territory management can help you prevent all of that.

The advantages for you

  • You can prevent conflicts among your sales staff.
  • You can prevent the chances of a sale dropping and that your deals are less lucrative than necessary.
  • You can avoid your pricing policy being slashed, which could cost you huge amounts of margin or make your products too expensive so prospects lose interest.

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