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Sales Reporting

Your situation

You don’t always identify developments in the market or in your sales organization properly or in time. You have the feeling that you can’t keep up with everything that is happening and that running your business seems more like correcting everything that goes wrong. You are frequently confronted by developments you had not foreseen. A loyal customer suddenly stops buying your products. Examining the matter in hindsight, you discovered that the number of requests they sent had been falling over the past year. Nobody seemed to have responded to that – and nobody alerted you about it. Products that were recently stocked appear hardly to have been sold: nobody wants them anymore. You were forced to fire two members of your sales staff at once because their performance had been poor for some time. You hear that a few potential customers have taken their business to your rival because they had to wait so long for quotes. You needed to call in a company to make sales analyses but Sales started to complain about it. All sorts of Excel sheets have to be filled in but nobody wanted to do it because they didn’t have the time. Meanwhile, the costs of that agency continue to mount. But you’d still rather pay up so you have more control! Mind you, it continues to be a worry, even with the help of the agency!

The solution

Working with Sofon, it’s incredibly easy to write reports based on any viewpoint you wish, furnishing your sales organization with all the directive information they need without any extra effort on the part of sales staff or sales managers for registration work. The system automatically generates that information from the available details.

If a sales manager needs a schedule, they can select the numbers of customers, quotes sent, and outstanding quote values. If they want to know whether the sales staff are working on the right things, they can simply click a button and view all activities connected to leads and sales opportunities. Or they can generate a report for each member of the sales staff: how many sales opportunities have they managed to capitalize on? How much turnover do they generate? Or about a partner: how many quotes does that partner produce and what kinds of quotes are they? Or about a particular opportunity: what action has already been taken in this case?

Reports can also be prepared on each customer individually: how many quotes have we sent them? What's the volume of turnover we generate from them? In addition, you can focus specifically on contacts: what activities have we undertaken with respect to this contact in the past two years? Accessible, market-related reports are not a problem either: how is our latest product selling compared to the others? Or: what are customers demanding? What patterns are developing in our quotes?

You can also see how much time your staff spend on quotes and weigh this against the order values, enabling you to work out how much the quotes cost and where, if necessary, you need to make a change.

Sofon also enables the sales staff to conduct self-analyses, i.e. they can generate every possible kind of report about themselves. They can then can see whether they have finished all their scheduled duties on time and whether they have achieved their turnover targets. They can also ensure that they don’t mistakenly neglect an opportunity or customer.

The advantages for you

  • You are alerted to every possible signal promptly, whether it’s a sales opportunity that presents itself, a member of your sales staff that is not performing as well as they should, a decline in the number of quotes, or a trend in the demand for your products. This means that you can decide on the right course, aiming for maximum sales returns.
  • When you work with Sofon, you have, free of charge, all the details needed for sales analyses and sales management, so you won’t have to spend more money on external consultancies.
  • And because it’s very easy for your sales staff to conduct self-analyses, they will work more efficiently and more effectively.
  • You can carefully consider the strategic choices you need to make because you can compare the costs involved in the sales funnel to the returns on the orders. If your company is an engineer-to-order business, you might choose to offset the customization of products against versions management so you can make considerable savings on engineering.

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