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Sales Funnel management

Your situation

You do not have a constant overall view of what’s going on in the sales funnel, only how much money is outstanding in quotes. Sales Management is not managing to guide the department proactively according to the sales opportunities, because the sales staff aren’t supplying the information on time and the information is also often lacking in detail. It’s difficult to iron out those wrinkles. Management mainly consists of correcting faults and that has cost you a good many sales opportunities. Why is this happening? What are we doing wrong? What do we need to change? At the same time, you are getting signals that producing quotes quickly is something of a bottleneck in your company and, as a result, you have already lost a few promising prospects. The question looms large as to whether you will be invited to submit a quote next time. And that’s a serious problem. The quality of your forecasts is another worry. Actually, you have too much money tied up in stocks -– even even though sometimes you can’t meet your delivery times because essential components weren’t ordered on time. And as for capacity, it’s a never-ending struggle to keep the costs in line with your revenue. In fact, you never completely manage to stick to your capacity schedule, which means that you can’t get the staff in time, which in turn means that you will be confronted with grumbling employees because you will need to reorganize. How can you make this process more organic?

The solution

Sofon presents you with detailed quote information. This means that you will have high-quality information you can use for sales funnel management and making realistic forecasts and well-considered plans for your buying and production capacity.

Your sales staff will have the best possible support for their daily tasks. They only need to register their actions and activities as part of their daily work. They do not need to enter any additional information that is relevant only to the management. As a result, no precious sales time is wasted.

Sofon generates all reports required for making choices about which course to take, automatically, as a by-product. You can make sales funnel analyses for the entire pipeline, taking into account every possible sub-aspect and from every angle. Sales Management will have a real-time overview of leads, opportunities, budget proposals, quotes, contract meetings, and so on. And that applies not only to figures, but to what is done, how quickly the response is, and what the value of the order is. As a result, Sales Management will know where to find the best signals for sales, where the chances are at risk of being lost, where sales energy is being wasted, and so on.

With this knowledge to support you, you can make proactive and effective decisions about the right course of action.

Sofon also automatically calculates success rates at every stage of the sales funnel, using all the information available, including experiential data. Those success rates, combined with the detailed information from the quotes concerning product options, materials, services to be provided, and so on make it possible to make buying forecasts. They are also a good indication of what’s required for your product capacity schedule.

The advantages for you

  • Your sales people can focus completely on opening up, and capitalizing on, sales opportunities.
  • Sales Management can proactively decide on the right course to maximize sales opportunities.
  • You will be able to predict your future turnover.
  • You will be able to plan your buying effectively. You won’t be left facing expenses and you won’t give your customers any cause to complain or even look elsewhere because you have run into difficulties with their orders or you couldn’t meet their delivery times; you can also reduce the amount of capital you lose because of surplus stock.
  • With the aid of the high-quality information in Sofon, you can identify trends so that you can anticipate market developments.
  • You can make adequate plans for your product capacity and you can make your production processes repeatable.
  • Because you are able to organically scale your buying and production capacity up or down, you make sound decisions about how to run your company.

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