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Opportunity management

Your situation

Your sales organization is complex, with in-house sales staff and external resellers based in various locations in several regions. This makes it a considerable challenge to acquire an overall picture of the opportunities in the sales funnel. For all these reasons, effective steering along the right course to improve your sales opportunity often happens (too) late in the process. You have frequently noticed that opportunities that seemed set to succeed have been lost. And sometimes far too much effort is spent on a certain opportunity to little effect, while the progress of others is allowed to lag. The energy spent on opportunities is not efficient or effective enough, you don’t have sufficient control to steer the sales efforts towards maximum performance and you can’t make opportunity analyses on a structural basis. Consequently, your view of potential future turnover is extremely vague.

The solution

Sofon offers you all the insight and tools you need for well-considered opportunity management. Your sales staff can register all the developments connected to opportunities. It is extremely easy for them to check whether they put enough effort into the right activities.

The sales managers can follow the activities connected to opportunities carried out by all the sales people. They can view the nature, frequency, order, and intensity of the activities. Sofon enables them to qualify opportunities systematically and clearly and to respond accordingly. That is because, as time passes, they will be able to assign success rates and expected order values to opportunities. Does an opportunity present a real chance of an order with respect to its status as a prospect, the actions to be carried out, the experiential details, your rivals, and so on? Because, with the aid of Sofon, your sales managers can also apply clear experiential knowledge gained by your company, they will know which risks obstruct that success and where matters might arise that they should take into account. If they analyze and qualify the chances of opportunities systematically using the same method, they will be able to see where the chances decline and where they increase.

The advantages for you

  • You will be able to maximize your sales opportunities and increase the prospects of actual turnover by directing Sales to take the right actions at the right time and with the right intensity.
  • The numbers of opportunities combined with their success rates will provide you with a sound turnover forecast. You will also be able to predict which products will be sold.

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