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Lead Management

Your situation

You have a Sales and Marketing department that operates with various sales employees and partners. Your sales people are based in various locations. Keeping an overview of the volume and quality of your leads and the actions that are taken or not taken is a challenge. In fact, you are aware that you lack an overview of your sales opportunities.

Without a real-time picture of your leads, you cannot mark out the right course for increasing sales opportunities and for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales process. How do you know whether the prospects behind the leads have potential? Or whether your staff reacts in time or whether they neglect those chances? Are your sales people doing the right things and not wasting unnecessary energy on prospects without a real future? It’s a shame that you don’t start with clear, effective sales – this would make a definite difference to the outcome of your sales funnel.

The solution

Sofon puts you in control of your lead management. Your sales people can register the leads with the corresponding company details, the actions they have undertaken, and the results of those actions, providing you with a real-time overview of sales opportunities for your company at a very early stage, any time you want. You can see whether there are enough leads and, with the information that has been collected on the leads, you can create a picture of the potential of the businesses that have shown some interest. In Sofon, you can use questionnaires to evaluate and qualify your leads, which will enable you to assess where your best chances lie and whether your sales people respond at the right time with the right action. You will also be able to see which leads are converted into opportunities. You will have a constant view of the reality and can respond accordingly, putting you in control of the efficiency and effectiveness at the beginning of your sales process and allowing you to influence the influx of leads and how they are up-scaled to opportunities.

The advantages for you

  • You can set out an efficient course for your company, according to sales opportunities, even when they are at a very early stage.
  • You will have control of leads and upscaling to opportunities.
  • Your sales people will spend the right amount of time on the right tasks.
  • You won’t waste any time on leads that are certain to fail.

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