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Groups and campaign management

Your situation

Your company’s campaigns are not as successful as you had hoped. The response is limited while the costs are relatively high. Every time a campaign is in the pipeline, a great deal of time is spent collecting the most recent details and you end up with too many people working on it. Much of the campaign material is sent to the businesses’ general addresses, because you don’t have any information about their contacts. In fact, invitations to customer events don’t usually end up where Sales wants them. You regularly hear from your clients’ contacts that they would have loved to attend but did not see the invitation. You are missing opportunities to build relationships with current and new customers.

The solution

Sofon makes it very easy for you to select sub-target groups from your customer database by clicking a number of features. It won’t involve any more effort or time-consuming actions. It means that you can send newsletters, invitations, mailing specials, and more to specific people and target the right people with your campaigns. If you work with Sofon, all these options will automatically open up to you.

The advantages for you

  • You will not hassle (potential) customers with information they do not want.
  • You will not waste any time searching for the right people to address when you send out special offers and launch campaigns.
  • You will not spend unnecessary money on advertising material that does not arrive at its destination.

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