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Contact management

Your situation

Your company does business with countless customers. While customer information is part of your system, it’s an ongoing “struggle” to keep all the details up to date. It becomes even more difficult when Sales staff with long-term contracts leave and other staff take over the accounts. When that happens, you are dependent on the quality of the information recorded in the system, which can vary widely. Often, your new Sales staff take a long time to find out who to contact for any reason. It’s a real waste of selling time. They also have to sort out which follow-up action should be taken for potential customers, because they don’t know what the previous response was to the action that had already been taken. You’ve also noticed that your company’s campaigns are often not the success you hoped for. That’s probably because the information used to contact the businesses was not sent to the right department. In fact, the structure of your relationships with current and prospective customers leaves much to be desired.

The solution

Sofon is designed to enable your Sales staff to register customer details in a very easily accessible way as part of their daily tasks. Lists of questions and answers ensure that sales staff collect all the relevant information: contacts with their specific authority and responsibilities, the frequency and content of the contacts with them, when what information was sent, what the contact’s response was to actions and proposals, what important comments they made during meetings, in e-mails, phone calls, and so on. As a result, your sales staff gather, in the course of their work, practical and high-quality customer information that will contribute to your sales success. That information is accessible at a central point so all your sales staff, whether they are experienced employees or new to the job, always get in touch with the right contacts and are backed by the adequate information when they speak to customers. And the better your staff are at aligning the communication with both the need for information and the contact’s authority, the more efficient they can work and the greater the chances of success.

This high-quality information will remain valuable, even if the contacts change company. In such cases, you will know how well that contact knows your company and what they think of your products, and that knowledge could be relevant for your company’s territory management. And if another member of the Sales staff contacts that particular contact, he or she will already be well-prepared. The contact in question will have the feeling that you are truly interested in him and the company. Factors such as this can influence the outcome of a decision in your favor.

The advantages for you

  • Your chances of successful sales will increase because your Sales staff are well-informed.
  • Your contacts and customers will be aware of your interest in them and that can have a positive effect on their judgment.
  • You won’t waste any of your customers’ time with contacts that do not meet the need (for information).
  • Your Sales staff can work more efficiently because they always communicate with the right people.
  • And because you can direct your campaigns at the contacts, their chances of success will increase.

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