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Activity management

Your situation

You run a multinational that sells a large range of products on various markets and in various countries. Your central marketing department is always in communication with your sales people to maintain the right balance between policy choices and supply and demand. They regularly produce new product catalogues for the various markets. At the same time, the manufacturers you use continually renew their products. The exchange between Sales and Marketing on the one hand and the manufacturer’s product development on the other is not a coordinated process: one side will not wait for the other. Differences in times zones only add to the problem. All that obscure activity management makes it a challenge to run a smooth product management process. It involves a great deal of manpower, which is revealed as a considerable cost item every year. Moreover, things regularly go wrong in the coordination between central marketing, your sales people, and the manufacturers. A certain market no longer wants a certain product option, and while that information is passed on, the option appears again when the product is updated. Somewhere along the line the arrangement has been lost. These breakdowns in communications mean that you sometimes deliver products with incorrect, missing, or prohibited options. The costs of remedying the faults can be considerable and, in the worst case, your customers will be very unhappy and take their business elsewhere.

The solution

Sofon is the perfect solution for situations in which communications are complicated. You can remove all coordination issues by making knowledge models containing all the product options in their relation to what is possible and what is permissible in the various markets (versions management). With that to help you, you will always have access to an accurate and consistently up-to-date source of information that all parties can use. The manufacturers can log in any time of the day and update their products themselves. And if you want to make it clear to a manufacturer that you are deliberately leaving out an option for a particular market, you can block that option in Sofon for the market in question. In that case, the manufacturer will automatically receive the right information and will not be able to produce the unwanted product option. All the information is consistent for all the parties: central marketing, all your sales people, and the manufacturers. Time differences will no longer matter and you will have introduced smart processes to your activity management.

The advantages for you

  • You can work with much less manpower and still manage your products in all the various markets.
  • You will avoid producing incorrect products and, in turn, unnecessarily high costs or making your customers unhappy.

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