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Template Management

Your situation

For each order, your sellers produce multiple, extensive offers with corresponding instructions, manuals and other documentation. They use templates with standard text blocks and manually add whatever is needed per request. This is time-consuming and error-sensitive. Text blocks may be chosen incorrectly, manual changes in one version may be lost in another or outdated text remains in templates. Consistency in offers is an mammoth task. Errors lead to unhappy customers who do not receive what they expected, which in turn results in costs involved in rectifying the situation.


Sofon software modules allow smart template management. You do not record text blocks per variant, but concepts on how pieces of text should be structured and how they are linked to corresponding tables, pictures, charts, etc.
Once you make a change, words and/or phrases in the offer text are automatically changed too. Where applicable, other illustrations and documents are immediately linked. Thus the entire offer is automatically reconstructed every time a change is made. Your offers are consistent and complete in all their versions.
And because you record and check concepts in advance, sellers don’t forget anything in their offer versions. And they don’t need to check anything either. Offers are automatically converted into contract texts. So a contract does not suddenly specify something different compared to the most recent offer or order confirmation.
For example, an offer may stipulate a delivery period of 1 month from the moment the order is placed. The contract subsequently generates an exact date automatically. If the order is placed on 25 March, for example, the contract will automatically stipulate a delivery date deadline of 25 April.

Your benefits

  • This in turn saves a lot of time and significantly reduces the risk of errors. Your offer texts/documentation meet/meets customer expectations, which translates into customer satisfaction and no unnecessary remedial costs.
  • Consistency in offer texts makes you reliable towards customers.

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