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Portfolio management

Your portfolio has millions of customized product variants. Your product managers are continuously thinking up new and interesting options. You need a lot of manpower to manage your portfolio. A major problem in all this is that you are unable to introduce your products to the market swiftly. Before your sellers and dealers recognize the value of innovations and include them in their offers, competitors are already offering similar possibilities. Consequently, you lose your competitive advantage and have to lower your prices, thus unintentionally shortening the life cycle of your products. Occasionally, Sales may offer products that have been phased out, requiring you to renege on a commitment to the customer. You thus fail to meet customer expectations or have to disrupt your production process in order to deliver the product after all.


Sofon allows you to record all product families in the Sofon database, as well as all possible options for each family. Furthermore, all permitted options and relations between possible options are recorded in models. In these models, you do not record products, but concepts: how to build the new option, what effect does it have on the product (relation) and what (legal) regulations apply to them?
If you configure, manage and offer all product variants through Sofon, they are automatically added to your portfolio. They are then instantly available on the market. Once you know that a new option is feasible and permitted, you can record it and include it in your portfolio, even before it has been designed. Rapid product introductions allow you to take maximum advantage of the competition and significantly extend the life of products and thus the overall return in relation to the investment made in product development.
And if you remove any options, they are no longer offered in product variants. This enables you to phase out products without the risk of disturbing the production flow or failing to meet customer expectations. In the configuration, you immediately differentiate this according to regions, countries and sales channels, so your portfolio is always up to date ‘geographically’. You have complete control over your portfolio management with a minimum of manpower.