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Your situation

In your production preparation, everything must be 100% right; everything must be coordinated seamlessly to achieve a streamlined schedule and production. This can be a real challenge, particularly if a significant amount of your work is project-based. There are countless moments where it could all go wrong. Perhaps an adjustment isn’t implemented, something is overlooked, or a parts order is entered into the ERP too early – or too late. A single human error can have enormous consequences. Orders for parts might not be coordinated. The project is as good as ready, but you are left waiting for two months for a single part. Or materials arrive too early, are in the way every day and constitute expensive and unnecessary stocks, and as a result you make a loss on your stocks. And all because of one little mistake…. So human.

The solution

You can relieve your Production Preparation department of most of their workload. You see, planners can fill in and augment quotes with scheduling information. Quotes include spaces in which the planners can specify what parts are needed and when the parts should be ordered, so that there will be no more orders that are overdue or too early. Your planners won’t need to remember all the details anymore. All they will need to do is keep an eye on the connection between the schedule for parts and the projects. They can then transfer all of that information to the ERP system with just a click of a button.

The advantages for you

  • You can prevent expensive delays in projects and will no longer be required to maintain unnecessary and expensive stocks.
  • Your planners will make fewer mistakes and will be able to get more work done in the same amount of time.

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