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Order creation

Your situation

Manual order entry does not guarantee that orders will be entered into your ERP system error-free. Typos in the information transfer and differences in interpretation often cause problems, making your ERP system inefficient and leading to disruptions in production, overdue deliveries, and loss of your margin. In fact, the consequences can be even more serious. Upon delivery, your product might turn out not to meet the customer’s expectations, meaning that he can’t use it for the purpose for which he intended it. In that case, it’s back to the drawing board with the entire business case followed by a hefty claim for damages.

The solution

Sofon facilitates automated order entry. Approved orders will automatically be converted into order confirmations/contracts and loaded into the ERP system. All this means that whatever your sales people arrange with the customers, it will always match what goes into production one-to-one.

In fact, you can set up Sofon so that you can make adjustments to current orders that have already been automatically run through the ERP system. In that case, any changes to the price or delivery time will also be automatically adjusted.

It’s an extremely interesting option if you arrange orders of which the details only become apparent later and even if you supply customer-specific products with a long construction time. You can construct the foundations of the product in advance and offer your customers various choices of variable parts, right up to the last minute. This means that even if your product is complicated, you can offer your customers an extremely flexible service. You can even compile configurations for which you don’t have a buyer yet.

The advantages for you

  • Your ERP system will function optimally thanks to the clean orders.
  • You can set up a production flow and work with the shortest possible delivery times.
  • Your production process will be replicable, giving you the time and the understanding to optimize your process effectively.
  • Your company will perform better at lower production costs.

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