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Service management

Your situation

As a business that supplies customer-specific products, you deal with an enormous volume of maintenance and service contracts. It can be quite difficult to keep control of your service management. You might often find yourself failing to meet your obligations regarding services and missing (preventative) maintenance arrangements because the service information is not available to you on time and are unable to meet the agreed response times. All of this combined will lead to claims from your customers. In addition, the lack of clarity about the agreed service provision can sometimes cause additional expenses and lost revenue. You might also find yourself doing unnecessary work that the customer is not paying for according to the contract. Or you might miss billing components that you should be billing.

The solution

Smart service management is part of supplying unique, customer-oriented versions. Sofon puts you in control, even when you are dealing with thousands of maintenance contracts and service contracts.

You can link a service contract to every configuration you have delivered, so that the contract matches all of the options one-to-one. You can also record the agreed upon service level – actions and response times – as well as the corresponding price. You can incorporate other service elements, including negotiated discounts on materials and agreements about subsequent costing, too. In addition, you can record the legal regulations that apply to the service provision and all of this information can be retrieved quickly for service calls. If the law changes in a way that will affect your service provision, you only need to alter that small piece of information (inference) that relates to the regulations and all the service contracts relevant to that information will be automatically amended.

The advantages for you

  • You can always intervene on time and with the right action, avoiding claims resulting from non-compliance with service agreements.
  • You avoid any risk of unnecessary expenses caused by delivering more than what you arranged with the customer in the service contract.

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