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Service management

Servicing existing customers and their products is an additional challenge for companies that deliver customer-specific products. After all, every product is different and, therefore, also requires customized servicing. For example, companies must have the product specification at their disposal before they can send the correct spare part. Then, they will want to decide whether or not to charge for the part in question and whether they are obliged to remedy faults within an agreed-upon period.

Support of the complete sales process

Sofon supports the entire sales process. That means that you can even configure and offer a maintenance contract during the quotation process. Once the quotation becomes an order, you can store the maintenance contract. Sofon enables you to schedule preventive maintenance actions and process service requests based on the maintenance contract.

Guided Services = proper service action

When it comes to processing service requests, Sofon Guided Solutions becomes Sofon Guided Services. By simply answering the service questionnaire created in Sofon, Sofon enables you to determine – based on customer data – what maintenance contract the customer in question has and for which configured product servicing is required. Using this information, Sofon supports the service department’s call center in asking the right questions, setting the correct priority and giving the appropriate instructions to the service engineer so that the proper service action is created and scheduled.

Up-to-date and accurate financials

The service engineer can record the costs of materials and labor in Sofon under the service action, after which, based on this data and the agreements made, Sofon can generate a draft invoice and/or deliver the correct data to your financial system, thus ensuring up to date and accurate financials.

Statistical data

Because all products delivered, including the configuration of these products, are stored in Sofon, you can easily generate reports containing statistical data, for example if a particular part must be replaced in all machines delivered.