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Your situation

You deal with countless maintenance and service agreements. Every service call is the beginning of a fairly labour-intensive, time-consuming process for your Customer Services/Customer Support, who must discover what’s wrong, exactly what product they are dealing with, and what has been arranged with the customer in the service contract. On top of all that, there is the financial administration, which also takes up quite a lot of time, because you must check on what you can charge the customer for the service and maintenance. This time-consuming work demands a great deal of manpower. Moreover, employing newcomers in Customer Support is difficult, because that work demands the necessary experience. And it’s easy to make incorrect analyses, due to the “human aspects” of this exhausting work. And the consequences? Grumbling customers. And because service provision is a major element of the quality, it can even lead to customers taking their business elsewhere….

The Solution

Sofon ensures that your Customer Support department always has the right, relevant service information ready when they receive service calls. A short list of questions and answers will provide immediate access to the right details. Because a service contract is linked one-to-one to a product version, the system automatically asks only those questions that apply to the product. Your staff will not have to click away irrelevant questions as they run through the questionnaire. This link not only ensures that the problem analysis is fast, but always accurate, as well. It also produces a clear route to the actions and expertise required to solve the problem. The system automatically generates a service order for the technician along with a service order confirmation and bill for your customer. You can also supply the technician with as much pertinent information as possible.

Although we are talking about technicians and devices here, Sofon is also extremely interesting for service providers with product combinations that are continually changing and that are affected by a combination of factors, such as various contracts, master agreements, legal frameworks, etc. It makes no difference to Sofon whether there are millions, or even billions, of unique changes: Sofon can process them all quickly.

The advantages for you

  • Customer Support’s work will be considerably less labour-intensive and less error-prone.
  • You can do much, much more with the same number of people.
  • Less-experienced personnel can be employed in Customer Support because they can retrieve information from a central source and use the questionnaires linked to configurations.
  • You are investing in your customer relationships because you can quickly produce accurate problem analyses and because the details of the agreed service are available immediately.

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