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Sofon offers you optimal support for your service management and service provision. You can link service contracts to customer-specific product versions one-to-one and register service calls, queries, and complaints about products and services. This means that you can always intervene adequately and effectively when (preventative) maintenance or service is required, and you can always produce fast and customer-focused problem analyses. These options are particularly interesting if you supply numerous product versions that include customized services.

Sofon improves your delivery processes by making the following processes smarter:

Service Management

You can record all service elements – service level, response time, price, and variable agreements – based on a unique configuration, which gives you greater control of your service management. You can always intervene with the right action, on time, avoiding claims resulting from non-compliance with service agreements. This helps you avoid the risk of unnecessary expenses caused by delivering more than you arranged with the customer in the service contract.

Customer Support

Your Customer Services/Customer Support department will be able to answer service calls immediately, make rapid systematic problem analyses, and do exactly what’s required. As a result, Customer Support’s work will be considerably less labor-intensive and less error-prone: you will be able to do much, much more with the same number of people.