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Solution Design

Sofon is not a tool for removing the odd bottleneck. It’s a resource that enables you to operate smartly in commercial terms, fundamentally resolving the structural causes of recurring problems. You can make your processes scalable and repeatable, immediately taking a huge step forward.

Given that every company sets up its processes ‘in its own way’ and has its own working methods, every solution looks different. We help you customize the solution for your company.

A customer-specific solution from Sofon provides:
  • the right combination of Sofon software products
  • the right match for your company’s particular processes and products
  • seamless integration with other relevant software systems in your company.
You will find the available software modules under Products.

Bridging the gap between three ‘worlds’

Sofon’s software modules do not provide the solution as such, but offer the route to the solution. You input knowledge into the process, from the first contact with the potential customer to when an order goes into production. The modules can be designed to meet the customer’s specific needs, step by step and prioritized, to bridge the gap between:
  • the customer’s own manufacturing with the technical knowledge of products and services;
  • the customers who all think in terms of their own specific application;
  • your sales staff and dealers who are in touch with customers, but who (generally) have no detailed technical knowledge.

How does it work?

A business consultant interviews people from various sections of your company to learn how your processes run and what issues people encounter at which level. On that basis, he draws up a fundamental problem analysis and a resolution proposal with ‘business value’. You are then aware of the concrete value the solution represents for your company. After agreement, we develop the details of the solution, up to and including the interface between Sofon and your IT system. The implementation consultants then guide you through the introduction: see Implementation Consulting.