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Sofon Health Scan


To what extent is your organization healthy enough to be able to anticipate changes over and over again and to cope with the daily challenges it faces.
Customers demand more and more customer specific solutions regarding products and services combined with shorter lead times including the high pressure on costs. Individualization and produce to measure are the challenges companies face. Being successful and profitable in this ‘business climate’ demands the optimal use of existing knowledge, experience and information in your organization and a maximum of flexibility to be able to anticipate changes quickly.

The Sofon Health Scan delivers you an unambiguous understanding of the weak spots in your company, it exposes the hidden ‘weaknesses’ or points out the consequences of the ‘infirmities’ you have learned to live with – all with the objective to provide you with such an integral understanding of your total business process, from ‘sand to customer’. Based on which you can perform targeted actions to accelerate, simplify and improve your total Supply Chain, resulting in more competitiveness, optimal reliability of the production process, from the point of view that products and services meet the customer’s expectations 100% of the time.


The Sofon Health Scan is part of the Sofon Approach where the sustainable solution of the business problems is focused on. We position the Scan at a strategic level, because we use the company’s objectives to look at the ‘weak spots’ in the organization that block, hinder or slow down achieving these objectives.

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Basic assumption

From the point of view that products and services have to meet the customer’s expectations 100% of the time and that we have to transfer the customer wishes in an efficient way towards products and/or services, it is relevant to utilize all relevant knowledge within the Supply Chain the moment we register the agreements with the customer. We use the Health Scan to disclose the ‘weak spots’ caused by the lack of knowledge and information at the right time, in the right version on the right spot.


For each department the ‘infirmities’ are being surveyed, quantified, weighed and prioritized using a predefined questionnaire. For each problem the objectives of change, in relation to the company strategy are clearly registered.

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Based on the outcome of this Scan a Health Check report is generated. The state of all the relevant parts, based on an integral business process which covers the complete Supply Chain, has been made understandable and is being weighted. In fact, we take your organization’s temperature and offer you a transparent and clear diagnosis to establish an improvement program on.

Such a diagnosis can be used to outline solution options. Based on possibilities and impossibilities the board determines which solutions have been worked out in detail and what the integral consequences are for the organization. The Sofon Suite makes it possible to implement the solutions with use of the existing systems which support Sales (CRM), production (ERP) and product management/ engineering (PDM).


I Smart Customization, a desired conversion from ETO (Engineering to Order), to CTO (Configure to Order) and ultimo to ATO (Assembly to Order), is a vision concerning the organization of business processes, in which management and recording of the own product, the operational production processes and the automated support are closely tuned to each other.
II This vision ties in seamlessly with the modern methods of process improvement like Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma has been developed from a quality management point of view and reduces the variations in production and business processes. Lean is developed from a logistics point of view, in which an optimal flow is aimed for without any waist such as latency, between and end stock.